Hospital and Medical Tourism in Singapore

‘Singapore’ is the next big buzzword in the ever evolving global medical tourism industry

Singapore is no longer just the leisure or business destination. With a population of 4.5 million, strong workforce of skilled doctors and some best state-of-the-art hospitals Singapore is fast positioning itself as a global medical tourism hub. Approximately 200,000 overseas patients visit Singapore every year and the hospitals are targeting to increase the numbers manifold, to serving one million foreign patients annually by 2012 and generate USD 3 billion in revenue.

Medical tourism can be broadly defined as the service of providing of cost-effective private medical care in collaboration with the tourism industry for patients requiring surgical and other forms of specialized treatment. Singapore’s healthcare services are built on a foundation of world class quality, safety and trustworthiness, coupled with advanced research and international accreditation, and is Asia’s leading medical hub.

Eleven hospitals and medical centres in Singapore have obtained Joint Commission International (JCI) accreditation. Quite a few of them are ISO-9001-2000 certified as well.

Patients mostly come from neighbouring countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Burma, etc. However, patient numbers from India, China, the Middle East and Africa to Singapore is witnessing fast growth. Over the past few years patients from developed countries such as United States and Europe also have been choosing Singapore as their medical travel destination for relatively affordable quality and yet hassle free healthcare services in a clean cosmopolitan city.Singapore made news for many complex and innovative procedures such as the separation of conjoined twins and tooth-in-eye surgery. The successful separation of the

10-month-old Nepalese conjoined twins in 2001 puts Singapore’s medical expertise onto the World’s headlines. Singapore has since accomplished many more milestones both in Asia and in the world arena.

In the year 2006, many Singapore Hospitals have got accredited themselves through Joint Commission International (JCI), a US-based organisation. This could be a reason why JCI has chosen to set up its Asia Pacific headquarters in Singapore in 2006. Singapore Hospitals may look towards other European or Asian-based systems of hospital accreditation in an attempt to enhance their brand equity.

Some top Singapore based hospitals are:

1) Alexandra Hospital

Established in the year 1938, this hospital served as one of the prime hospitals for the British Empire in the Far East and was known as the British Military Hospital. Once the World War II ended and even till the 1970s, Alexandra remained to be one of the most modern and well maintained hospitals. More information..

2) Changi General Hospital

Is one of the largest hospitals in Singapore. Its present facilities at Simei were started in the year 1998. It was formed as a result of an amalgamation of two well known hospitals, the Changi Hospital and the Toa Payoh Hospital. The hospital can therefore trace its roots back to the year 1957, when the Thomson Road Hospital began construction More information..

3) National University Hospital

Is a hospital in Singapore that is located next to the medical faculty of the National University of Singapore at Kent Ridge. Besides being a teaching hospital for the university, it also acts as a research centre. This hospital specialises in Gastroenterology, Hepatology, Ophthalmology among others. More information..

4) National Cancer Centre Singapore

The National Cancer Centre Singapore (NCCS) is a national and regional centre directed at the prevention and treatment of different cancers including those involving the breast, stomach, lung, liver, pancreas, lymphomas and head and neck cancers. More information..

5) eMenders Singapore

eMenders is a group of Singapore-based Physicians and surgeon representing more than 25 different branches of medicine and dentistry

A top medical tourism provider which facilitates patient treatment and travel is:

MedicalSingapore is one of Singapore’s top health tourism service provider. MedicalSingapore links the space between patients in UK, Europe, USA, Middle East and the health service providers in Singapore. They arrange for treatment, stay and travel in Singapore.